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About The Book

Industry in Sunderland was something to shout about, even to the most recent generations. ‘Did you know that we were the biggest ship building town in the world?’ is something I’ve been asked on numerous occasions. The high turnout of ships, coal or glass, has long been a source of pride: we worked hard, we made things that the rest of the country needed, ergo they needed us. When those industries started to decline and eventually disappeared, people found themselves out of work, and that sense of pride faltered.

Sunderland Industrial Giant: Recollections of Working Life, is a social history of those industries; their stories told by the people who in many cases, were the last generation to work there.




Publishing Details

The book will be published on the 2nd November 2017 with The History Press and will be available via their website, on Amazon (available to pre-order now), including a Kindle version, from me at local talks and also popular North East venues like Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, The Stadium of Light shop and Sunderland Waterstones.

If you’d like a reminder nearer the time, then please fill out the form on the right and I’ll email you. The list is only in relation to the book, you won’t get any spam and your information won’t be passed on.

The Industries

The industries covered in the book are:

Corporation Quay then (1949) and now (2017) (Copyright Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens and Marie Gardiner) East End,Hendon 1955 (Copyright Sundelrand Museum and Winter Gardens) Miners leaving the cage, Wearmouth Colliery,1966 (Copyright Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens) The launch of Empire Bruce at Sir J.Laing & Sons,11th June 1941 (Copyright Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens)

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